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(1) Tool Microscope

Technical parameter:
1. Zoom multiple of microscope: 30(eyepiece15objective2)
2. Loading worktable: measuring range 5050mm(2"2")
3. Dimension of loading worktable: 152l52mm
4. Effective dimension of loading glass: 96mm96mm
5. Max. carrying capability (on glass): 5kg
6. Micrometer moving distance of reading installation: 25mm(1")
7. Division value: 0.002mm(0.0001")
8. Focusing: Max. height of workpiece: 110mm
9. Focusing way: manual (coarse adjusting)
10. Illumination installation: transmission illumination installation with green filter, non-level adjusting lightness, reflection illumination installation: singe light inclining reflection illuminating.
Power supply input: 220V 110V

Main use:
JX6JGX-2large-scale tool microscope is a basic precise optical measure instrument with various fittings. It is equipped with different zoom multiples so that it can precisely measure small workpiece. Large-scale tool microscope is a multi-use measure instrument widely used in factory, science research institute and measure dept. of senior academy. As the basic tool of product appraisal for tool manufacturer, it is also suitable for other precise machinery manufacturer, science research institute and school to produce and science research.
Its main function is as following:
1.Examin the shapes of templet, templet knife, die and cam.
2.Measure mid-diameter, outer diameter, inner diameter of screw, screw distance, thread angle, figure position of thread angle to screw axis, and screw shape. ( Roundness, evenness, straightness of tooth surface)
3.Measure thread angle of thread cutter, thread chaser and thread milling cutter, various templet milling cutter, figure angle of different shapes of templet, etc.
4.Use optical localizer to measure width of inner hole and each kind if slot.
5.Use double-image eyepiece to measure central distance between two holes, slit, line segment on part or distance between symmetrical graphs.
6.Use circulate-arc figure eyepiece to conveniently and precisely measure circulate-arc dimension with 0.1-100mm radius.
Main technical standard and specification
(1) Measuring precision: precision of micrometer tub wheel: 0.01mm
Angle precision of clinometer eyepiece 1
Angle precision of figure eyepiece 10
Angle precision of circulate worktable: 3
Precision of staff lean ruler 30
(2) Measuring range: lengthways distance
Micrometer screw: 0-25mm
Micrometer screw and guage block 0-150mm
Transverse distance:
Micrometer screw 0-25mm
Micrometer screw and guage block 0-50mm
Angle range of circulate worktable 360
Angle division range of figure eyepiece 7
Side inclining range of microscope post ֡12
Diameter of circulate worktable 280mm
Distance between worktable and objective 167mm
Allowed workpiece length of thimble bracket Max. 130mm
Workpiece not more than39 Max. 315mm
Workpiece not more than39 Max. 235mm
Max. diameter of V-type bracket workpiece130mm
(2) Zoom multiple
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